The Asexual: Literary Journal Spotlight

Being a good writer is more than just writing, it’s being a good reader, too! And some of the most innovative stories being told right now aren’t published in big publishing houses; they’re told through the Internet, through YouTube, and through (my particular favorite) online literary journals. The Internet revolutionized the industry, making it easier for communities of writers to submit and get their work published and seen by a bigger audience. Disseminating work that might not do well in “traditional” market has never been easier.

Which is why the first journal I want to highlight is The Asexual, a journal for asexual writers and poets, with the purpose of amplifying ace voices that have always been silenced. Published on a quarterly basis, it’s edited by the wonderful Michael Paramo and their second issue was released just Saturday!

Full disclosure, I was apart of the first issue, so this isn’t an unbiased endorsement, but it’s a wonderful and supportive community that allows people to see and understand what asexuality is, that allows ace people to find others like them, and that allows creators who feel silenced to finally let their words be seen and read.

As a journal with only two issues, it is predominantly poetry; however, the poets it features use all types of form and meter, and are all great poets in and of their own right. The second issue features several essays about discovering asexuality or coming to terms with asexuality or even coming out. If you’re looking for personal stories about asexuality and what it means or people’s experiences with it, the second issue is a great resource for that.

This journal is a healthy, thriving community for asexual writers and I am proud to have been apart of the first issue, and I plan on continuing to submit as the journal grows and evolves. Member and allies of the LGBT community alike will enjoy this journal, particularly those with an interest in marginalized identities even within the LGBT community. Don’t let the pride end because it’s July; support ace writers and read The Asexual. There’s some really great poetry there, too.

Read both issues here:
Follow the journal on twitter at @asexualjournal


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